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We're seasoned entrepreneurs, marketers and technologists who help startup CMOs navigate growth from ground up.

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The modern CMO faces
a variety of challenges

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Reaching customers in a media whirlwind

How do you:

  • Find the right platform and angles to reach prospects?
  • Package your message into content suited to the channel?
  • Adapt the brand to the micro culture of each platform?

Preventing funnels from becoming a maze

Are your funnels driving sales or are you:

  • Losing prospects?
  • Left with half-done campaigns?
  • Unsure what is converting and why?
  • Getting low quality leads?
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Integrating a patch work of platforms and tools

  • How many Google sheets have little pieces of data?
  • Are the right metrics getting tracked?
  • Do your systems align with your goals?
  • Are your vendors providing you optimal solutions?

Modern Marketing is Complex

To succeed, the modern CMO must integrate and deliver on all of the following:

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Platforms and Data

Marketing almost needs its own CTO. You need to leverage new technology platforms while synthesizing near infinite data. You need to select and integrate the relevant tools.

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Compelling Messaging

Marketing needs consistent messaging across myriads of media in new and emerging channels. It must resonate with prospects logically and emotionally.

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Adapting and Scaling

Marketing needs to respond to rapid changes in the landscape. Scaling the wrong solutions can create the illusion of success but get in the way of true growth.

Meet Arctive Media

We're Marketing Strategists, Technologists and Storytellers who can help you with:

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Crafting Your Message

Our storytellers and artists craft each campaign keeping the audience and platform in mind, such that your value proposition resonates through data and emotion.

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Platform Development

Our team of tech savvy marketing engineers help stitch together the most relevant and useful systems to ensure smooth flow of data and customer experience.

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Campaign Execution

Experienced analysts will watch every detail, tweak and test to perfection while our strategists ensure your campaigns deliver results.

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