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Digital Marketing is Changing

Image showing harder to get message out

It’s getting harder to reach people…

It’s harder and harder to catch attention in broadcast modes. People tune out ads or worse, use ad blockers.

Funnels can go awry…

Meanwhile, funnel based strategies don’t catch all your prospects. A poorly designed funnel results in prospects with low intent or worse–you never reach those who would buy.

Image of Funnels not working

image of lots of tools CRM + GA + WP

…and what tech do you really need?

And you have to evaluate and use a wide variety of technologies to build your platform.

Some are useful, many others are not worth the cost.

A Different Approach is Needed: Marketing ARCs


Image: Psychology to determine Needs & Wants


Image: CTAs / Goals Try, Subscribe, Buy

Campaigns in ACTS

ACT 1: Attract

Capture attention

Image: landers, lead magnets

ACT 2: Convince

Educate & Build Connection

Image: Logical Concerns, Emotion

ACT 3: Transform


Image: conversion types

Arctive Media: Services

Campaign Design

Lead your prospects through an ARC

Platform Development

WordPress, GA, SEO

Campaign Execution

Design, Ad Management

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